Meet Meitarim

About Meitarim

Meitarim is a grassroots network of schools where children receive an education in which there is no contradiction between Judaism, pluralism, humanism, and democracy.

Our Vision

Meitarim’s vision is to change the nature of Jewish education in Israel. Meitarim graduates will step into their young adult lives with a strong Jewish identity, an open mind, and a sense of leadership. These young leaders will not only affect change in their immediate future, but they will shape the future of the State of Israel.

Our Mission

Meitarim’s mission is to change the nature of Jewish education in Israel by educating Jewish children in religiously pluralistic, coeducational frameworks in which students from different backgrounds learn together about their common Jewish heritage. Meitarim seeks to break down the polarization that exists between religious and secular societies, expose students of all ages and backgrounds to their common Jewish heritage and to Jewish peoplehood, and create a pluralistic educational and social environment based on values of tolerance, humanism and mutual respect.


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