Academic Studies

Meitarim Program at Herzog College

The Meitarim program is a unique program for training teachers in inclusive education that operates in Herzog College.

In this unique and groundbreaking program, we seek to nurture educators who will nfluence education in Israel in general, and inclusive education in particular.

In this program, we provide students with the best tools to be noteworthy educators in general and especially in inclusive education. When it comes to inclusive education, students engage in the many important components of teaching in inclusive schools: from the extensive knowledge required by an inclusive education teacher to enable the multi-identity dialogue in the classroom, through the tools and skills that can make learning sources from the Jewish bookcase accessible and meaningful and as such suitable for dialogue between different identities, and for the development of students’ personal and educational identity, which will allow them to lead a discourse on identity on a personal and group level.

An essential part of the learning is the students’ group experience, which facilitates the learning turning into a life code, through the encounter and dialogue between different identities in the group: women and men, religious, traditional and secular.

In this academic year (2020), close to forty students are enrolled in the program in the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. By the end of the school year the first graduates will be prepared for their internships in schools accompanied by Meitarim.

Our students

The program appeals to graduates of pre-military frameworks, soldier teachers,

travel guides and anyone who considers themselves part of the Israeli Jewish discourse.

The Meitarim program is a joint program for males and females, religious and secular.

Curriculum, Venue and time

  • The studies take place in the Heichal Shlomo campus on Tuesdays in the B.Ed. track for a degree in history, Torah Shebeal’pe and Israeli Jewish culture
  • In addition, students take online courses, intensive courses and tours.
  • Up to 16 weekly hours of prior studies can be credited
  • Internship is done in a school that is part of the Meitarim network..
  • Admission Requirements: The college’s admission requirements plus a personal interview.

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