Network of Diverse Communities

Meitarim communities’ network promotes the idea of ‘life together’ by networking and providing professional accompaniment to diverse communities comprised of religious, traditional and secular.

In a complex social reality, which causes the weakening of the community and intensifying the conflict between the various groups in society, the Meitarim community network, has been working for ten years (formerly as Mirkam) to strengthen social resilience in Israel.

We believe that living in a community made up of different identities will create the right solutions for life together in Israeli society – solutions of agreement based on affection, respect and mutual acquaintance rather than overriding the other.

As partners to the path, the network communities get

  • Unique professional support and knowledge – tailored to the challenges of the community involved
  • Personal support for community coordinators and leaders
  • Guidance and support in community depth processes (full or partial subsidy)
  • Joint professional forums
  • Professional tools, enrichment and up-to-date knowledge of the field
  • Accompaniment in fundraising
  • Networking and connecting the communities involved
  • Representation with local authorities and bodies and regional network assistance

Why a community?

Living in a community is a natural and primary structure for human social organization, meeting basic needs – the need for belonging, as well as the desire to be involved and influence the society in which we live.
Community affiliation allows us to feel meaningful and is a fundamental component of building our personal identity.

Diverse communities is our specialty

The Meitarim community network is a conceptual and professional organization. We work to promote diverse communities across the countryin two main ways: networking between communities and professional support in community development processes.
We work with all stakeholders in the field – government, local authorities, social organizations and the communities themselves to establish and foster the idea of ‘living together’ in Israeli society.

A network of communities

The community network includes 20 communities from all over the country. We accompany the communities who are part of the network in community processes around key issues that are unique to a diverse community.

What is the benefit of being part of the Meitarim community network?

  • Community involvement is our specialty
  • Focused professional accompaniment and guidance, tailored to your needs
  • Networking enables mutual learning, connections and collaborations between the communities
  • Professional and highly experienced staff
  • To promote the idea of ‘living together’ in Israeli society

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