Meet Meitarim

evan traeger muneyEvan Muney is the Director of Development and Operations of three Israeli NGOs founded by Rabbi Michael Melchior, including Meitarim, Network for Inclusive Jewish Education; The Citizens’ Accord Forum; and the Mosaica Center for Religious Conflict Transformation in the Middle East. He is also the senior partner of Camp Kimama, Israel’s premier international Jewish summer camp.

Evan moved to Israel in 2009 from the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked in real estate development and management. He served as a volunteer on the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation’s Israel and Overseas Committee and as a board member of the northern California region of AIPAC. He also is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program. Evan earned his BA from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and his MA in International Relations and Middle East Studies from The Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC.

He lives in Maccabim with his wife and two children.

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